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The majority of all plastics, coatings and rubbers contain stabilizers to make them processable and/or durable. In this book, an overview is given of the different stabilizers being sold over the years. In general, these stabilizers are marketed using a trade name. However, these trade names do not give any information about the function and chemical structure of the stabilizers, which is of major interest to people working in the area of stabilization and degradation of polymeric materials. In this 395 pages containing book, the relations between almost 4500 trade names and their chemical structures (if available) or blend composition are shown (see index).

Besides the chemical structure for the majority of the stabilizers the chemical name(s), molecular formula, approximate molecular weight, CAS number, approximate melting points, an indication for the solubility in several solvents, other trade names and suppliers are mentioned. It is also indicated if a stabilizer is recently found in a brochure of the supplying company or on the company’s website (for an example see the sample page).

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